• Wayne Manuel

A little letter to my future wife


Love doesn't rush or whatsoever.

It is established that I'm going to marry someone someday - in 6 years or so, or at least I have to be 30 at that time.

I don't even know if I already have met you at the time of this writing, have just drawn tangential lines with you or extremely crossed paths with you, I don't know.

What I know is that:

Things aren't as parallel as what lines the expectations.

Our wedding might not be as extra as you have dreamed it to be since you were seven.

We might have kids more than what we would have thought, or less, or none.

Our house might not be on a meadow to enjoy the sunshine on a Sunday morning.

It will never be like how we planned it to be,

but you need to understand that it will be you and I who'll face these variables together and cope up with it.

Misunderstandings come and go, but we will never divide.

Temptations will offer themselves, but we will never give in.

This world will never defeat us.

That's a promise.

I love you,

Your husband.

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