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Make Social Media Worth Your Time

This special blog post is an addendum to an online article titled "Don't use social media to impress people", authored by Hisham Sarawar. You can read it here.

My favourite line: "If social media is used positively, it can bring change in the life of people."

Social media has a vast array of uses. So vast that it turns out to be wildly uncontrollable today. The laxity of having to easily establish your presence, the partial anonymity and lack of physicality is what makes it so. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions anyway, but some just couldn't keep it within the world's [unspoken] ethical boundaries.

Here, there's just a very thin line between right or wrong that you won't even be able to distinguish it. If there would be the existence of, at least, a strict set of rules and a SocMed Police, I would be more than happy.

Anyhow, I'm keeping a simple list on how I think you can make Social Media worth your time:

Let it be a medium for positivity and happiness, not hatred and anger.

Share things that you think will spread positivity to others' timelines: proper memes, inspirational quotes, cat videos, and whatnot. Even as small as posting your recent photos can make your friends and followers upbeat.

Update your timeline with pictures of your recent trip and offer tips or update them of how you are, some friends and relatives abroad might be happy seeing your online presence.

Support a friend's online business by joining the marketing team of sharing their business posts. Beyond everything, doing it is free!

Don't let your timeline be invaded by unduly hate-posts or self-aggrandizing posts of friends.

There's a mute or unfollow option at the least, anyway.

We don't want negativity in our lives after all, so learn to cut off toxic people and drop toxic habits.

Spend time inspiring yourself, and others.

Write down your encouraging thoughts on issues and post them online, this way readers will be able to understand it on a different perspective.

Take judgments lightly, in the end they will make you better.

Recommend books you have read. Share your favorite online articles. Spread humorous videos and memes. Play mind-tinkering games together.

I post my photos on my page to inspire budding photographers and videographers on their work. May they have an idea on composing shots the same way or even better than I do. I'm not saying I'm good, but I'm doing my best.

It's not the real world.

An interesting up-to-date report by Simon Kemp (we are social, Hootsuite) states that:

"The average internet user now spends more than 6½ hours online each day, meaning that the world’s digital community will spend a combined total of more than 1.2 billion years using the internet in 2019."

The same report also says that a Filipino user's average time in social media per day, as of January 2019, is 4 hours and 12 minutes. Sadly, that's a long time online; unless you're in it for work.

There's more to the outside than within. Verbal communication is still the best medium in this constantly-changing social landscape. As much as possible, plan and meet-up. Talking through the chatbox is easy, but hell, it's just monotonous exchange of words - call!

Scrolling through the endless posts on your timeline might eat up your essential time. Instead of meddling during your vacant hours, let go of your phone to rest your eyes and by doing something fruitful for yourself.

From the words of John Lennon's Imagine,

"You may say I'm a dreamer,

But I'm not the only one.

I hope someday you will join us,

And the world will be as one."

But utopia will never exist in both the old and modern world, there will always be rogues and resistances to every idea. Social media is yet another man-made creation that supposedly unites, but somehow divides in various aspects.

The world is already a mess on its own, and the internet is, theoretically, another world. And it's just pragmatic that we can only make it a better place by making ourselves better, simply because we can do better in person, than online.

The photos I used above were from me Korea Trip last winter.

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