• Wayne Manuel

Blogging is so 2003... so what?

2nd day of August 2018.

A number of people have been asking me:

"Why blog in 2018 when you could've done that 10-15 years ago, when it was at its prime?"

Simple: I was probably just 7 y/o that time.

So why not in the past years?

I was not into it until I mustered enough courage to create one back in November of last year. Of course, I already had some personal ideas for starting a blog the past few years. I started from free platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, wrote a handful of entries to practice myself in writing (even wrote a few chapters for some e-book in Wattpad), but I chose not to publish them. Writing is my safe haven, a little only know of that.

I admire people who started their own blogs back in the years and still keep up to it even in 2018. Through the years, I have always looked up to a number of blogs and I'm happy that they are of friends' and fellow Ilocanos.

A particular blog I was ever since a fan of (subscribed ever since 2013! - this may be the first time she'll know about this) is by my long-time college friend and thesis co-author Dr. Dona Marie Petilla. Her blog titled -Musings of a non-writer caught my attention because of her spontaneous wit written in either Filipino or English. (Miss our everyday fights re: The Inhibitory Effect of 75% Ghambari (Gmelina arborea) Ethanol Leaf Extract on Dental Biofilm Formation, doc!)

Other blogs I still am reading even up to now are by fellow Ilocanos - Tina Tan (BlauEarth) and Marianne Pasion-Cayetano (It's All Cynosure). I have always been so impressed by their distinctive writing styles and top-notch food photography. Looking for honest gastronomic reviews? Visit their respective blogs (and also know more about Ilocos Norte). Trust me, they've been doing it for years now.

With all the inspiration, I finally decided to marry my love of photography with writing - I came up with ilocanoshutterman.com.

I wanted it to be as what I have always planned it to be: a photoblog. And here it is, you're in it.

If you happen to be keen in grammar and the like, I swear I'm not that good, but I can make one worth the read.

These and more unmentioned personal reasons stoke the fire burning inside.

Here's to blogging in 2018 and the years to come! *gulps San Mig Pale