• Wayne Manuel

Maginhawa's Snacks & Ladders

11th day of February 2018. Maginhawa St. is best known for its artisanal food places and variety stores. I can't even count anymore how many times I have visited this street to buy secondhand books (at Bookay Ukay) and to destress over great deals of food. With its close proximity to UP Diliman and several residential areas, you cannot expect Maginhawa establishments to be out of customers (most especially the hit ones today). Many businesses have opened ever since this street was found to be a perfect place for them. Some even extended to other neighboring streets because its space wasn't enough for more. Today, there are about hundreds of establishments in the area. And of course there will always be the 'good' and the 'bad' places. One of the goods, if you fancy great milkshakes while playing traditional board games, is Snacks & Ladders

The "Royal" Entrance. 17mm, 1/50sec., ISO 200, f/7.1.

When I visited the place with my high school friends, Nichole Ruiz and Nathan Bagayas, we already had our bellies full for lunch at SM Megamall. We were looking for a dessert place to continue catching up with each other's lives until we thought it would be a great idea to go to Maginhawa. We initially stopped by a café but thought it wouldn't be that fun without doing anything while catching up. So instead, board games and cards were the way to go. That's when we decided to stop by Snacks & Ladders over at 188 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City.

There are two stories in the establishment. The lower level is where you can sit in wooden chairs and where the ordering station is. The upper level is for those people who might want to remove their shoes and comfortably squat or sit in lazy bean bags (you'll really feel at home). We went for the upstairs. We were already full at that time so we just ordered a milkshake for each one of us (I ordered the Mocha Hansel). Each of us spent less than 200PHP ($4) including the gaming fee of 50PHP. Here's the full fancy-name-themed menu.

The games are somehow common to what other game-themed restaurants have (such as Game Over PH in Xavierville and Ludo in Tomas Morato). The waiters are also well-versed in each of the games' mechanics. They also have a foosball table for rent. I can say that the place is family-friendly as I had been observing the family of four beside our table that seemed to enjoy playing board games and have already spent a lot of time in the place before we came in.

The Ilocanos in Manila. 15mm, 1/25sec., ISO2000, f/4.5.

We went out of the place fully catched-up with each other. Nichole just came home from her studies in the New York Film Academy based in LA, Nathan seems to be always busy in his accounting work in Makati, and I am always caught up making dentures. This is the first time in about 5 years I joined them to hang out in Manila. 

All pictures were shot with Canon M6 + 15-40mm lens. Individual shot specifications in the photo description box.