• Wayne Manuel

King Chef: Budget Chinese Go-to

9th day of February 2018. Me and my friends don't really agree on most of our views, most especially regarding politics and current events. The only thing that the group agrees upon in unison is our love for Chinese food. Every Friday night, to cope up with the stress dental school has been giving us lately, we oftentimes visit Causeway in Banawe, St., Quezon City to get our regular Chinese fix. We have tried lots of budget restaurants in Banawe but the one that stood out amongst the others is King Chef Dimsum Kitchen. It's about the 10th time I have been to this place ever since it got introduced to me by my friends last year. Their very "indestructible" hakaw (contents don't get squeezed out upon picking it up with a chopstick, unlike in other restaurants) had me convinced that they are the best. There was even a time that in two consecutive days, I trusted King Chef to fill my belly.

I already have mentioned that it is a budget-friendly restaurant. That is only when you visit the less-fancy branch that is located at 2/F Centre,, 238 Banawe St, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila at around 9PM-12AM (They also have 7AM-10AM and 2PM-5PM promo periods EVERYDAY). There are two King Chefs in the same street so make sure that the one you go into is the Dimsum Kitchen, not the fancy-looking Seafood Restaurant. A minimum of 300PHP ($6) will let you be able to order about 3 or 4 dimsums and one cup of steamed rice. To further estimate your budget, check the prices on the menu here.

The "Indestructible" Hakaw

35mm, 1/250sec., ISO1000, f/1.2.


As what I have said, their hakaw is the best. Don't hesitate to order two. Their chili sauce is so good, you might as well want to order some cold Milk Tea. Also try their Crispy Spring Rolls dipped in vinegar. My friends always order machang and Five Fried Spice Spareribs. For dessert, try their Taro Puffs.

Chicken Feet

35mm, 1/50sec., ISO500, f/1.2.

There is actually a vlog my friends and I shot in King Chef.

All pictures were taken with Canon M6 + 15-45mm lens/7artisans 35mm f/1.2. Individual shot specifications indicated in the pictures' description box.