• Wayne Manuel

The Ilocano Pride (of Tourism and Religion)

26th day of December 2017.

An aerial shot of the 331-year-old Paoay Church (St. Augustine Church) in Ilocos Norte, Philippines at night. This majestic structure witnessed the history of the province. Imagine getting married here in this historical place (somehow dreamt of it once)


This place is best visited at any hour. Numerous restaurants and souvenir shops are situated around the church. Try the restaurant called Herencia just directly infront of the church, there they will serve you the famous Pinakbet and Longanisa pizzas! You haven't really "kissed the ground" of Ilocos Norte if you left the province without trying these special delicacies.

Personally, I won't ever recommend trying the empanada sold here. Go a few kilometers east to Batac City, that is where the real thing is. Just ask for the Riverside Empanadaan.

Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. DJI Phantom 3 Standard. 1/60sec., ISO1600, f/2.8.