• Wayne Manuel

Ride Home

16th day of February 2018. I was on my way home from Manila, listening to the song Summer of '69, and it was about 4:30 in the morning when I decided to snap this shot of the bus scenario from where I was seated. I always rode the bus going to and from Ilocos Norte because I find it more practical, economically- and geographically-wise. Economically because instead of paying the average airfare of 3000PHP ($60) for a one-way trip to Manila, I just pay about 580PHP ($12) - student price (850PHP or $17 regular fare for the Super Deluxe Bus). Plus, I don't reside around the airport outskirts in the Pasay-Parañaque area (and also in Laoag) so I have to consider the additional transportation fees going to and from Sampaloc which can reach about 400-500PHP. The bus stop is in the Sampaloc area, just a walking distance from my condo-type dormitory (I refer to it as a condorm), so practically it's a good-go. Another thing is that when I ride the bus it's the pick-up and drop-off that make it even more geographically practical. My house is just along the National Highway en route to Laoag City where the bus terminal is. The single con in traveling by bus is the 8 to 12-hour travel time, unlike air travel which goes just roughly about 45 minutes to an hour.

Tip: If you're planning on catching a plane going on a vacation to Ilocos, BOOK EARLY AND WATCH OUT FOR SEAT SALES.

I was testing my new camera's black and white features when I shot this and I was amazed by the outcome. Canon M6 + 15-45mm IS STM EF-M lens. 1/125sec., ISO1600, f/3.5.

P.S. I always ride Fariñas Trans (Bus no. 47). I find it the most reliable bus company, of all the years I have been traveling to and from the metro. Visit their website here.