• Wayne Manuel

Enter Sandman

3rd day of November 2017.

The Sand Dunes of Ilocos Norte has ever since been a favorite shooting location of the Filipino film industry. Action movies like "Panday", sexy movies such as "Temptation Island", and cult movies like the famous "Himala" are remarkable examples of products shot in these stunning sands. With these giving the province spotlight in terms of tourism, more jobs and opportunities opened for the locals. One of which is the Sand Dunes Adventure business where they offer activities such as sandboarding and 4x4 rides.

There are several places where you can enjoy the sand dunes, I know of three in Paoay (Culili Point, Suba and Onse Reef) and one in Laoag (La Paz Sand Dunes.) During the shoot of this vlog, I visited the one in Laoag. Personally, I'd recommend you here because they offer the sandboarding for free when you avail of the 4x4 package. Although whatever part of it that you visit, still you cannot miss the mesmerizing beauty of Ilocos Norte's Sand Dunes.

The 4x4 trucks carry hundreds of thrill-seeking tourists daily. For a fair price of about PHP2500 ($50), visitors (and even locals) can now enjoy the awe-inspiring views and slopes of the fine sands of Ilocos Norte.

Tip 1: The best time to take the tour is around the afternoon golden hours. (Less sun exposure and Ilocos Norte sunsets are the best! Watch this vlog of mine about it)

Tip 2: Bring your GoPro and mount it to your body or your head! Handheld cameras are not recommended. (I already tried it 4 times.)

Taken at the La Paz Sand Dunes, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Canon 600D + Canon 10-18mm STM lens, 1/250sec., ISO400, f/4.5.